15/06/2008 23:15

Psion: DiskList macro update

DiskList macro is very useful, once you define CTRL+Q shortcut in Macro5 to this macro, Shell will not cycle through available disks, but will display window with list of all available disks. Very handy for those with many disks, partitions or virtual disks.

See more about it Psion: DiskList macro


09/06/2008 14:55

Qubide PCBs arrived!

Finally, PCBs for Sinclair QL QubIDE arrived. All other ICs shall arrive soon too. I am hoping to build first prototypes till Shucon party.


09/05/2008 11:14

QL dithvide live

A few photos of my QL running some hi-color (dithvide) images. Those photos were taken in Aug. 2006 after successful timing of the display routines. It was very special moment if I can remember :-)

Find it here: QL dithvide.


28/04/2008 23:57

MB-02 and QL Gold Card pictures

I took a few photos of my new toys - MB-02+IDE from Ingo Truppel and Sinclair QL dream companion - a GoldCard from Qubbesoft. Chek Photos.


28/04/2008 10:10

Work In Progress on QubIDE

Find small updated about progress on Sinclair QL Qubide.


28/04/2008 01:02

dithvide on QL

Added small article about Sinclair QL dithvide


26/04/2008 23:44

Website launched...

Hello and welcome. Thanks to webnode I was able to set up this nice web. There is nothing much in it at the moment, only couple of pictures in ZX Multicolors, but it will surely grow.